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Reusable & Sustainable

I have used beautiful glass jars, that are not only reuseable but you can see the tea in them. So when you go to make a tea, you can look at the blends and see which one appeals to you at that time.  You can reuse the jars as a vase for your favourite flowers, use them as beautiful storage jars or many other uses around your home.  The glass can also be recycled and the corks can be donated through various organisations. Twig Tea tins are made from bamboo, which is eco friendly and are a gorgeous addition to any kitchen benchtop, a great gift filled with Twig Tea or a handy container to take your favourite Twig Tea with you.

Enjoy Twig Tea Blends

However you drink your tea is how you love it and that’s why I created Twig Tea, tea to be enjoyed. My brewing guides aren’t “rules” but guidelines on how to get the best from your tea. You might like it stronger or weaker, with or without milk.

I hope you enjoy the Twig Tea blends I have created. They are crafted with the utmost care, dedication and passion, all for the love of Tea.

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