Taste of Australia



All natural Australian ingredients make this unique brew. Peppermint leaves, lemon myrtle and strawberry gum blend together to create an idyllic non-caffeine tea.

Taste of Australia tea is a refreshing blend with the perfect fusion of ingredients. The lemon myrtle adds a fresh lemon zing and aroma while the strawberry gum leaves have a berry flavour that enhances the tea.

A very refreshing brew that can be consumed throughout the day, after a gym session, before bedtime or brewed cold with added lemon slices and fresh strawberries for a hot day refresher.

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Peppermint tea, lemon myrtle and strawberry gum leaves
50 grams

Hand blended with Australian ingredients

Brewing Guide

Brewing Guide

1 teaspoon at 90-100°C for 2-5 minutes.
Perfect on its own, no milk required