Our teas are from lush tea plantations from around the world, such as Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, China and Africa.

We try to use Australian ingredients when we can. The origin of ingredients is listed on the product. Organic products are used where possible and are also listed on the label.

No sorry, we don’t.

If you would like to stock Twig Tea please contact us at info@twigtea.com.au

We ship anywhere in Australia using Australia Post. If you would like international shipping please contact us at info@twigtea.com.au

Our tea should be stored in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.

Always reseal the tea containers after use.

Our black, white, oolong and green teas contain caffeine but our Taste of Australia, Tropical and Calm the Day teas are caffeine free. Many factors can affect the caffeine level in our teas including rainfall, temperature and harvest times.

Tea stored correctly will last for many years but as some of our teas contain dried fruits, flowers and spices they are best consumed within two years.

Each tea has a brewing guide on the label as well as on the website.